Friday, September 10, 2010

variety bucket

Bought a new sketchpad yesterday. Here is what I have been filling it with so far.

Very loose and poorly thought out Black Rock Shooter fanart. Drew this while I was watching the DVD of the OVA again.

Very, eh, animator-y drawn pokeymenz. I dunno, I just felt like drawing shapey things. Although Arcanine is one of my favourites I hardly ever draw him...

WOAH! Aster and Amy as humanzzz! They look soo different!!!!111!

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  1. BUH! I don't know how I haven't commented on any of your last past posts!! the first post is lovely and colourful, but the Aster + Amy doodle is SO FUNKY! haha, they're very cute as humans. And totally casually stylish x)