Monday, April 18, 2011

oh shi-

Computers sure are giving me the shakes these days.

In the shower this morning I was thinking about how nervous my laptop is making me with almost a month until grad film deadline. Then later when I turned it on it had a bluescreen moment. IT KNEW.

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  1. BUH! I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN!! It's the last year now and my boyfriend's mac died for a minute and we had to take it to the geniusbar to get fixed (yay for free fixing) and then my PC started freaking out (for the first time in like ever!) and then it turned itself off and then did some weirdo "show me your private coding" moment where it felt the need to reveal its innermost thoughts and I didn't know what to do and think I was responding in the wrong way probably (hitting keys and the like...then resorting to hitting escape loads...then eventually doing the unthinkable: OFF SWITCH!) ;O; I hope it doesn't die on me or anything. I don't have the dosh needed to repair it.. and I don't want to lose anything valuable. I wish you luck with yours ;3;