Saturday, December 17, 2011


Woah, haven't updated in over a month ;A; Been busy, and tired, and sick and now it's almost Christmas ;O; But Christmas means holidays and holidays mean more drawing time so yay!

Anyways, here's something I've been tipping away at in Illustrator for the past couple of weeks. A vectorisation of this sketch from ages back. Dunno if I like it or not, maybe it's a bit busy, I dunno. It's my first personal Illustrator image anyhow...

Based on yet another Vocaloid song.

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  1. Epilepticly good Rebecca! Great to see new stuff and glad to see you challenging yourself with illustrator. turned out well. hopefully after the new year you'll be more comfortable with it and we'll see more pieces done this way :) If you have any questions about how to achieve certain looks in illustrator just ask. Should be able to point you in the right direction.