Tuesday, August 17, 2010

more comixxx

Feeling sleepy and unmotivated so I thought I may as well post a link to the four new pages HERE

There's about 11 pages to go! This is always the hardest part :| GANBARREEEEE LET'S DO OUR BEST etc. etc.

Again, thankyou for your nice comments ;w;


  1. buuuh! I always want more ;o;
    are you maybe going to sell hard copies of this!?? I have no money at the moment... but I (really!!) hope I'll be employed soon (lol) and I'd want to buy one off you! :)

  2. <3 ;ww;

    i actually had considered it a tiny bit, but your comment has actually made me think about it seriously :"D i might do a poll and see how many are interested and depending on the number, maybe self-publish a small number of copies something like that.

    thankyou ;ww;

  3. aw that'd be really ace if you do! (I've got my fingers crossed hehe)