Tuesday, August 24, 2010

this is the end

The final few pages of Aster & Amy are up. YES! For once I met my own deadline! :D

Again, thankyou to everyone who had a look at this dumb little comic, it really meant so much to me <3333 Your comments, even just the fact that you might have read it, gave me the motivation to get it done <3 Thankyou all so much :3

In sadder, unrelated news, the incredibly talented anime director Satoshi Kon passed away today. I really couldn't believe this news when I heard it, I'd actually finally managed to finish watching all of his works this summer too. I'd always enjoyed his creations, Tokyo Godfathers and Paranoia Agent being my favourites.

It makes me incredibly sad that another amazing talent in this world has been lost...rest in peace.


  1. Beccaaaa!
    I will kick your ass if this comic doesn't become anaamated! You have created a world, adorable characters and endless possibilities for storylines! The hand drawn in flash with the watercolour effects would be goregous.
    I just loved this comic! You have inspired me, love stories rock!
    Moar happy birthday hugs!!

    Your beloved,
    Kellster (that betta be ME)

  2. bawwwww, thanks kelley (and yes, kellster IS you!) <333 your words, they are lovely <3 i'm really not sure if i'll animate it, i'm kind of thinking about self publishing it more, not sure :"D

    i'm so super glad you enjoyed it <3 you were one of the driving forces behind it u know! xxx

  3. dude theres gonna be more right? like at some point right? dude theres gotta be more, i really wanna see more dude.

  4. From start to finish this comic is sweet and charming and so well illustrated! and you mentioned me at the end ;o; !!! I don't feel like I deserve it (you did all the amazing work!! haha)
    If you ever do decide to sell hard copies, though, I'll definitely help spread the word (and buy one! hehe). your comic deserves it.

  5. Oh no! My pre-emptive fan art jumped the gun, I thought Amy was just some foreign space weed name, I didn't realise they was a chick too. And then they... jaysus altogether!
    Yes more.